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Must try foods in New York

There is so much I liked about New York, the views, the energy, the iconic sights and most of all the food!  I definitely came home quite a few pounds heavier (even with all the walking we did!).  When planning my trip to New York I had a long list of foods that I wanted to try and eating was a big part of my visit.  Here are my favourite must try foods in New York.

Banana Pudding

I had read a lot about the famous banana pudding that is served at Magnolia Bakery and it didn’t disappoint.  This pot of gorgeousness is served to take away in three different sized cups.  If I could have fitted it in I would have definitely opted for the largest but as I had a lot of eating to do I went for the smaller option!  It is my sort of dessert, sweet and creamy (my hubby wasn’t a fan).  There are a number of Magnolia Bakery’s in New York but we went to the one on Bleeker Street surrounded by some lovely shops including Marc Jacobs which happened to have a handbag with my name on it!

Banana Pudding, Magnolia Bakery, New York, must try foods in New York


Huge Sandwich

For me this was a must during my visit to New York and it had to be done at Katz’s Delicatessen, where the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed.  If you love classic deli grub like Salami or Pastrami sandwiches you will enjoy eating here.

Katzs Delicatessan, New York, must try foods in New York

Katzs Delicatessan, New York, must try foods in New York

Another yummy sandwich we ate was from Stage Door Deli which we found after visiting the One World Observatory.  This no frills deli serves really good sandwiches and is worth a visit for a bite to eat when in the area.

Stage door deli, New York, huge sandwich, must try foods in New York



There are so many places to grab a slice of NYC pizza (and trust me we did!) but the one I have to recommend is Joe’s Pizza.  This pizza joint has been around since 1975 and attracts everyone from students and tourists to celebrities!  Check it out for an amazing slice of Pizza.

Joes Pizza, New York, must try foods in New York



For me Bagels are something I associate with New York so it had to be on my list.  Again, there are lots of great places to eat them but my recommendation is to try Murray’s Bagels.  There are so many different options to choose from when deciding on which bagel to have but whatever you choose I don’t think you will leave disappointed.  My regret is not being able to try a few more!

Murrays Bagels, New York, must try foods in New York


There were a number of foods that were on my list that I didn’t quite get to fit in (either ran out of time or physically couldn’t eat anymore!) and they will be on my list next time.  Maybe you will be able to try them on your trip –

As you can see there are so many must try foods in New York and I can’t wait to go back to tick some more off my list.

Would love to know if you have eaten at any of these places or other recommendations you might have.

6 must try foods in Amsterdam, Amsterdam travel, restaurants Amsterdam

6 must try foods in Amsterdam

When arranging my trip to Amsterdam food wasn’t something that immediately sprung to mind.  Since visiting, there are definitely foods that should be tried.

Vlaamse Frites

6 must try foods in Amsterdam, Amsterdam food, Frites, Amsterdam
Vlaamse Frites

You can’t beat fries stacked in a cone and smothered in sauce.  The best Vlaamse Frites in Amsterdam are from Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckc.  They are known as the Sauce Masters and have been serving fries in central Amsterdam since1957.  In my opinion the best sauce to have is Oorlog Mix (mayonnaise, satay sauce and onions). Amazing!!





6 must try foods in Amsterdam, Stroopwafels, Amsterdam, foods to try, albert cuypmarkt
Albert Cuypmarkt

A Stroopwafel (literally syrup waffle) is a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like filling in the middle, what’s not to like! You can get them all over Amsterdam but the best are served at Albert Cuypmarkt, look out for the “Goudse Stroopwafel” red and white checkered flag.  Make sure you buy some to take home too.

6 must try foods in Amsterdam, Stroopwafels, Amsterdam, foods to try





Apple Pie

A trip to Winkel 43 is a must to try a slice of the best homemade apple pie ever!  Their apple pie has such a good reputation so be prepared as there could be a queue.  We had ours to takeaway as the restaurant was full.



6 must try foods in Amsterdam, Amsterdam, herring, foods to try
Frens Haringhandel

Not to everyone’s taste but when in Amsterdam you should do as the locals do and eat herring.  We had ours from Frens Haringhandel which is near the flower market.  The herring sandwich is served in a hot dog roll with pickles and onion.



6 must try foods in Amsterdam, pancakes, Amsterdam, foods to try

There are so many different varieties of savoury and sweet pancakes to choose from, deciding which one can take some time!  The Pancake Bakery is open everyday until 9.30 pm serving this tasty traditional Dutch treat.




6 must try foods in Amsterdam, cheese tasting, Amsterdam, foods to try
Reypenaer Cheese

You can’t wander the streets of Amsterdam without passing a cheese shop or two.  You can even visit a Cheese museum.  For me the best way to try cheese in Amsterdam is with a cheese tasting at Reypenaer.  Their cheese tastings are very informative and they give you the chance to try a variety of different Dutch cheeses (which all come paired with a different wine!).  We had great fun and would highly recommend it.

6 must try foods in Amsterdam, cheese tasting, Amsterdam, foods to try
Cheese tasting







Hope you enjoy trying these Dutch goodies as much as we did!  Comment below if I have missed one of your favourite foods.